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 The Tower of Ion

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PostSubject: The Tower of Ion   The Tower of Ion EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 2:09 pm

The night was cold. Somehow lonely. The city bustling with life and laughter didn't sooth the weary face of the lone stranger walking through. He slowly walks through the city, ignoring everything, until he reaches the center. The city was Ramus. The Human Capital. Built traditionally with the slums on the outer ring, middle class closer inward, then higher class. In the middle, a huge fountain, built as monument to the floating palace above. Held in place by four huge chains weighing at least half a tonne for each link. People speculate on how this architectural beauty was accomplished. Some say it was given by the Gods to the Humans for their faithfulness to the Old Ways. Others say it was magic. But, they are all wrong. It was built. Single handedly by the man who now stands beneath it.

"My greatest accomplishment. It stands at the center of everything. And me? Discarded. Like a dog." The man spits the words from his mouth as he looks up.
"You will all see. I AM ION! The greatest builder in all the world! And I, alone, will make you all pay..."

A storm approaches.


RACE: [Choose between the following: Human; Elf; Dwarf.]

Human - The Humans build most of the cities in Eldimuur. They are the newest Race in the world and are the largest. They have expanded their lands wider than any other. They have often had confrontations with the Elven people due to the destroying of forests to make way for building. Though they have had many confrontations with most races in Eldimuur, they are widely respected for their politics and their expanse.

Elf - The Elves are considered the eldest Race in Eldimuur. No one really knows how long they have been residents of the land. The live in the forests using their uncanny speed and magic to catch their food and defend their borders. In numbers, they are fearsome. Alone, they are deadly. The Elves demand respect and the proper courtesy when visiting their lands. Do not be surprised if the take you captive for not addressing the Elder as 'Elder'.

Dwarf - Living mostly underground, the Dwarfs keep mostly to them selves, they come up to build, carve and mine. They pride themselves in smithing Armour and Weapons. They are a mighty force to be reckons with. Standing at half the height of an average Human, they are much, much stronger than them. If you ever want anything build, smithed, mined or carved; go and see the Dwarfs.

CLASS: [Choose between the following: Paladin; Sorcerer; Fighter; Ranger; Rouge; Cleric; Barbarian.]

Paladin - Holy Warriors. They hit hard and take a lot of damage. Also have the ability to do minor healing. NOTE: Must pray to your God at least once per RP day.

Sorcerer - Spell twisting madmen. They hit very hard with spells but do not have a lot of health. Also cannot wear armour. NOTE: You must RP him/her slightly mad/crazy as well as your chosen RP choice.

Fighter - General foot soldier. Hit hard, take average damage. Able to dodge as well as create potions.

Ranger - Marksman with the bow. Precision striker with low HP. You are a Ranger. Stay at a distance! Can also wield two swords with great efficiency.

Rouge - Silent Assassin. Stays hidden in the shadows waiting for the perfect time to strike. You hit hard and take little to no damage because you are gone before they turn around.

Cleric - Holy Healer. Can take a lot of damage but cannot hit hard. They mainly deal with the battle wounded. They have major healing abilities. Calling upon their God to help them. NOTE: Must pray to your God at least twice per RP day.

Barbarian - Outlaw and Ruffian. Mostly out for profit, some just kill because they enjoy it. These bunch of hoodlums are strong but slow. Their rage ability can boost their strength and health greatly. They have no need for armour and only carry the biggest of weapons.


[You may choose from these starting weapons. ((You will gain different and more weapons as the game progresses))]

Paladin: Hammer; Great Hammer; Flail; Sword and Shield.
Sorcerer: Wand; Staff; None.
Fighter: Dual Swords; Greatsword; Mace; Flail; Spear; Sword and Shield; Hammer; Great Hammer; Bow and Arrows; Crossbow.
Ranger: Dual Swords; Bow and Arrows; Dagger; Crossbow.
Rouge: Dagger; Crossbow.
Cleric: Flail and Shield; Mace and Shield; Sword and Shield.
Barbarian: Great Sword; Great Hammer.


[You may choose from these starting armours. ((You will gain different and more armours as the game progresses))]

Paladin: Leather full; Iron Half.
Sorcerer: Robe.
Fighter: Leather full; Hard Leather full; Iron half.
Ranger: Leather full; Hard Leather half.
Rouge: Leather Half; Robe.
Cleric: Iron full; Bronze half.
Barbarian: Rags; Leather half.

Gods: NOTE: These are mainly for Paladins and Clerics but any Class may or may not choose to have a God.

Gaern - God of War.
Polini - Goddess of Life.
Inu - God of Family.
Valendri - Goddess of Death.
Juun - God of Love.
Feer - Goddess of Nature.
Winu - God of Shadows and Fear.
Baen - God of Law and Prosperity.


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PostSubject: Re: The Tower of Ion   The Tower of Ion EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 2:48 pm

Name : Grannus
Race : Elf
Class : Cleric
Weapons : Mace and Shield
Armour : None
God : Polini goddess of life

Grannus Adjusted his fresh robes. The day was fresh.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tower of Ion   The Tower of Ion EmptySun Feb 27, 2011 5:48 pm

Name: Melra
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue
Weapons: Dagger
Armour: Robe
God: Feer, Goddess of Nature


Standing on top of a building, looking out to the distance to where the storm was approaching, Melra smirked to herself in thought. She pulled her dagger out and began to toss it up and down in her hand, not missing the hilt none.

"Feer, bring on the storm." She spoke with amusement as she pulled on her hood. She then leapt of the building and landed gracefully on her feet. Looking up, her amber colored eyes shimmered with a twisted humor.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tower of Ion   The Tower of Ion EmptyFri Mar 04, 2011 3:45 pm

Name: Juun "Light-Bringer" Aastor
Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Weapons: Great Hammer
Armour: Iron Half
God: Velendri - Goddess of Death


Juun stood. Fresh from prayer, he was ready to take the day. He threw on a night robe
and opened the door to the landing. A loud yawn burst from his mouth and a little tear
crept out of his eye from it. Being tired. Growing tired. Ever getting closer to endless
sleep of death. He chuckled to himself as he moved toward the front door.
"Morning Maaster Aastor. A pleasent sleep I hope?" Came from a young lady passing
his way. Ellen, her name was. Young, full shoulder length blonde hair and always wore a
blouse that left little for the imagination.
"Indeed Ellen. Velendri was kind to let me wake. Though I sense something is stirring."
"Oh? How so?"
"She came to me again last night. Worried. Which is always strange. She controls practically
everything in this world. Why would she be worried? I am just getting the newspaper and
getting changed. I need to visit the Church later to discuss this with High Priest Graven. I
must hurry, do excuse me Ellen."
"Not at all Master Aastor. I hope these problems turn out to be nothing. Do take care."

Juun nodded and opened the door to his abode. Took a few steps outside to grab his paper
and came back. Before he could reach his open front door he was swept off his feet. The door
slammed shut in front of him and everything went silent. His voice was muffled.
"What the hell!?" he struggled. A high pitch tone rang through his ears scratching his brain. His
nose started to bleed and he turned around. His vision was blurred and he was seeing double.
But what laid in front of him wasn't to be mistaken.

The Castle was falling. Bits had already crumbled off. Juun could sense death everywhere. He
clambered back to his feet and started walking toward it, stumbling everywhere. The shockwave
of the giant bit of earth hitting the ground had knocked buildings from the Upper and Middle class
rings down. Juun was lucky to be alive at this point, he lives in the Upper Class. A house given to
him by the Church upon promotion.

Juun's ears started to bleed. Then his eyes. The smoke and dust was everywhere around him. He
could hardly see. This was why She was worried. He fell to his knees and tumbled forward onto his
hands. He could barely breathe. Was this the end of him? Is this Velendri's plan? He blacked out and
hit the floor. Silence.


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PostSubject: Re: The Tower of Ion   The Tower of Ion EmptySat Mar 05, 2011 5:17 am

Name: Elyas
Race: Human
Class: Barb
Deity: Winu, God of Shadows and Fear
Height: 5'9"
Build: Fair, reasonably muscular. Short hair.
Brief Description: Elyas is a strange human being, he is very open minded about things and doesn't judge people purely on their religion but purely on the way they act towards him and yet he keeps to himself with people he has not met before. People who are hostile to him will recieve resentment and hostility in return. Elyas is very passionate about Winu but he does not wish to push his beliefs onto other people; if they were to believe, they would believe.

Elyas had awoken from his slumber thinking it lasted longer than it actually had, 'these 5 hour sleeps are starting to kill me' he thought. Elyas lived in the middle class section of Ramus and he was very fond of the 'creation' that was above him and all the other cityspeople. Elyas did his daily routine of eating, running for excercise and work outs. Elyas had spent the majority of the morning walking to the 'Stag and Lion' pub where he worked on a 3 day weekly basis, speaking to passerbys and people in stall that he had become to know in the 4 /5 months he had been in Ramus.

Elyas started his shift in the pub, serving a couple of regulars there ale's and a new face had asked for a 'shocker rocker' which must've have been some sort of special where she had come from, 'she'll have to settle with some fine ale and a bit of conversation' Elyas had though. It was just then as he got deeper into conversation with the woman stranger who revealed herself to be called Egwene that it happened, he wasn't sure what had happened all he knows is that there was a bit of drama and then it went dark. the darkest dark he had seen, it was nice but it was shocking and scary for him. And he loves the dark.

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PostSubject: Re: The Tower of Ion   The Tower of Ion EmptySat Mar 05, 2011 8:21 am

Grannus rubbed his eyes and flicked his immaculate hair back behind his ears. For how long he had been asleep for he did not know. His eyes were sticky with dust and tears.
He arose and brushed dust off himself and gave himself a once over. The gods had blessed him today. He immediately took the time to recite a quick prayer to Polini, the goddess of life.
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PostSubject: Re: The Tower of Ion   The Tower of Ion EmptySat Mar 05, 2011 10:03 am

Melra slowly strolled about the remains of the Middle and Lower class rings. Dust lingered thickly within the air, making it somewhat harder to breathe. She grabbed her black bandana and tied it around her face, blocking the dust from entering her mouth and nose.

"Much better..." She said to herself as she began looking around again. She stood on top on a pile of rubble, looking down on the bodies that were buried beneath the rubble and dust. "What happened here?" She asked herself and looked out to the horizon. She saw a figure standing in the midst of the dust, she had a hard time believing whether the figure was real or of her imagination. As she approached the figure, she felt herself grow weary. Not paying attention, she slipped on the rubble and fell down and struck her head on a rock. She blacked at the impact of the rock...

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PostSubject: Re: The Tower of Ion   The Tower of Ion EmptySat Mar 05, 2011 2:50 pm

-Blacks out from sudden brain tumour-

-2 years later-

Happy now?
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The Tower of Ion
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