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 General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Forum Rules   General Forum Rules EmptyWed Feb 23, 2011 3:55 pm

Right so every forum has one, here goes.

- Double posting is a general 'no-no', it's pointless and more often than not irritating. There has to be a genuine reason for it to happen, if you don't like what you posted use the 'Edit post' button. Simple.
- Your grammar and punctuation needs to be up to scratch here, we're not Grammar Nazi's but there's a limit on what would classed as a mistake or simply idiotic.

- This forum is and will always be a nice place to be, any form of cyber-bullying or anything will result in immediate action, we don't want anyone to feel mis-treated whilst being here, it's just not right.
- Swearing is permitted but there is a limit, I can understand someone feeling the need to swear to emphasis a situation in a Role Play but other than that it should be kept to a low.
- Politics and Religion should be kept to a minimum, we're not saying don't have your views but don't constantly verbalise them unecessarily. If you want to have a conversation or debate about these then make a topic in the 'Banter' section.
- Common sense plays a big part in what should and shouldn't be said on a forum, as Traxx put it to me 'If it feels inapropriate even when drunk, then it probably is.'

Any more rules will be added when felt necessary.


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General Forum Rules
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